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Recruiting out of State

Are you ready for large college classrooms?

Recruiting new students to our University is one thing that’s a real treat for us. We are able to travel to a multitude of great places to educate people about Jackson State University. We’ve travelled to every state in the country, and normally get to build relationships with people not only in High Schools and Junior Colleges, but people outside of those institutions as well.

Take for instance our recent trip down to The Woodlands, just outside of Houston. We went to Woodlands High School just off Research Drive in The Woodlands, TX to give the administration there some more information about our University, and see if we could speak with some of their seniors about coming down to see JSU.

We were met at Houston Intercontinental Airport by a young man named Colan Walker, who owns Limos of the Woodlands. You can see Colan’s website here: www.limosofthewoodlands.com. Colan has a son named Mike who attends Woodlands High and is going into his senior year, and coincidentally is looking at colleges to attend. Mike hasn’t yet made a decision on his choice of college to attend, so we took the opportunity to educate Colan on his son’s choices.

When we speak with students about their options, we want to make it clear that any University that they attend will offer them the opportunity to receive a great education, but that they need to put in the work to get what they want out of it! Most of the time, College Freshmen don’t know what to expect, thus when they get to experience University life, most are not ready for the rigors of what lays before them.

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A pretty fun weekend

Halloween in Jackson

This past weekend a few of us friends decided to take a Limo out in Jackson for a little fun. We haven’t been out in a limousine since we went to The Woodlands, TX for a recruiting trip, which we mentioned a long time ago in this post. We all have had a long semester with our jobs, projects that we’ve taken on, and some of us still being in school. So there was about 15 of us that took a nice Stretch SUV out in Jackson to celebrate life a little bit. We started off getting picked up in front of the student center on campus, and then rolling through campus like we owned the place. We then drove by the football stadium just to see the empty stadium while we were taking on Mississippi Valley State at their place.

The best part of the excursion was that we were all in our Halloween costumes while out in the limo. For Erica and Renee, it was their first time ever in a limo, so they had a bit of a treat on the ride. The rest of us had been at least once, and in Mike’s case, he had been in a Limo about a dozen times throughout his life, having worked for a company in high school that would treat their employees to limousine rides to Dallas Cowboys football games when they were having good months. He worked at a landscape company for a while, and lived the good life when they weren’t busy with manual labor mowing lawns and such.

We then headed down to Parlor’s Market for some local Southern food, and had a blast with some Halloween revelers that we knew from JSU. After a couple drinks and some dancing, we headed back to drop everyone off at their respective homes for the night. We had an absolute blast, and will definitely be doing that again next year when we need a little break from the norm.

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A Good win for the Football team

A big congrats to the JSU football team on their win yesterday over Arkansas Pine Bluff 37-3. 37 points were the most points scored for JSU this season, and the W also snapped a 2 game losing streak.

Perhaps all that was needed was a QB change, as junior QB Jarin Moriwaka made his season and career debut under center, and passed for over 300 yards in the Homecoming weekend victory. The Tigers defense also held the Golden Lions to only 3 points, and were constantly getting pressure and defenders in the Pine Bluff backfield.

The win also is the first W for Interim head coach Derrick McCall. We’re proud of coach McCall taking over this team after coach Harold Jackson was fired less than two years after he was hired. Coach McCall has been with these boys for a few weeks as the head coach, and has shown the leadership necessary to take the boys to the next level as a Jackson State University football program.

We’re super proud of all the football team athletes sticking through this tough season on the Jackson State University football team. The university as a whole is going through some serious changes, and it would take a massive commitment from anyone to stick around through a head coaching change. We know that the University is going to have a tough decision to make after the season when they have to select a new head coach to take over the program, and because of what coach McCall has done with these fine gentlemen, he’s at least going to get some consideration from the university for his courageous effort.

Next up for JSU is a visit to Mississippi Valley State next Saturday on Halloween at 4pm in Itta Bena, Mississippi. Good luck boys, we’ll be watching!

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Fall Semester is rolling right along

JSU Logo

It’s been a great fall semester so far at Jackson State University, and all of the students and faculty have been extremely grateful for some big news that came from one of our fellow universities yesterday. The Olde Miss student senate voted to take down the Mississippi state flag from university grounds. As everyone in this state knows, the Mississippi state flag contains the confederate flag in it’s imagery. The flag has been a lighting rod for controversy for a long time now, and in many circles, represents a racist and divided past. We here at Jackson State University are very proud that the student senate voted for this to take place, and we will be monitoring how the rest of the University of Mississippi takes this news.

This is sure to upset some people who believe that the Mississippi state flag is a symbol of history of the state. To some extent, that is understandable given that the flag has been around since 1894. But the outcry from people who feel that the flag is a poor symbol for how the flag of Mississippi degrades them. That’s how we feel, and we know for a fact that the rest of JSU feels that way too.

Change is good, and it’s about time for a change to the southern mentality, or the old school way of thinking. As the nation and the southern belt moves forward away from the confederate flag, it’s okay to think about everything that surrounds that emblem that exists as a symbol of hate for most. When we as people move together in a progressive way, we can believe that things can change for the better over time.

Jackson State University salutes the student senate at the University of Mississippi who made this courageous leap. Thanks for making the change, and laying a path for others to do the same at their universities.

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Our NFL Hall of Famers

Here at Jackson State University, we are proud to boast about some incredible athletes that have graced our campus. Most of these athletes have not gone on to play a professional sport, instead opting to either further their education or go full steam ahead into the workforce. When we discuss our Hall of Famers, we want to make sure that every one of our students understands that academics come first. Without acheiving in the classroom, none of these athletes would have been able to succeed on the playing field. (Very important to keep that in mind!)

We’re very proud to have the following individuals in the Professional Football Hall of Fame

  • Walter Payton. Walter really needs no introduction. He played football at JSU from 1971-1974, and was drafted 4th overall by the Chicago Bears in the 1975 NFL Draft. He went on to become one of, if not the best running back in NFL History. He broke the all time rushing yards record which was then held by OJ Simpson, and is currently second all time behind Emmitt Smith. He was given the nickname ‘Sweetness’ because of his incredible running style.
  • Lem Barney. Lem played football for JSU from 1964-1967, and was a cornerback for the Detroit Lions from 1967-1977. He was named to 7 Pro Bowls, and was consistently named to the NFL All-Pro team. He retired after a very successful 10 year career, and has gone on to be a philanthropist and pastor in the Detroit metropolitan area.
  • Jackie Slater. Jackie grew up in Jackson, and was actually personally recruited to play football at JSU by Walter Payton. Jackie played at JSU from 1972-1975, and was drafted in the 3rd round by the Los Angeles Rams (now St. Louis Rams), where he was an offensive tackle from 1976-1975. He made the Pro Bowl 7 times, and was consistently given special praise for his incredible work ethic and teamwork skills. Slater currently lives in Los Angeles with his family.

There are many more incredible athletes that have graced our halls, and we are all very proud to be JSU Tigers.

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