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It’s been a great fall semester so far at Jackson State University, and all of the students and faculty have been extremely grateful for some big news that came from one of our fellow universities yesterday. The Olde Miss student senate voted to take down the Mississippi state flag from university grounds. As everyone in this state knows, the Mississippi state flag contains the confederate flag in it’s imagery. The flag has been a lighting rod for controversy for a long time now, and in many circles, represents a racist and divided past. We here at Jackson State University are very proud that the student senate voted for this to take place, and we will be monitoring how the rest of the University of Mississippi takes this news.

This is sure to upset some people who believe that the Mississippi state flag is a symbol of history of the state. To some extent, that is understandable given that the flag has been around since 1894. But the outcry from people who feel that the flag is a poor symbol for how the flag of Mississippi degrades them. That’s how we feel, and we know for a fact that the rest of JSU feels that way too.

Change is good, and it’s about time for a change to the southern mentality, or the old school way of thinking. As the nation and the southern belt moves forward away from the confederate flag, it’s okay to think about everything that surrounds that emblem that exists as a symbol of hate for most. When we as people move together in a progressive way, we can believe that things can change for the better over time.

Jackson State University salutes the student senate at the University of Mississippi who made this courageous leap. Thanks for making the change, and laying a path for others to do the same at their universities.

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