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Recruiting out of State

Are you ready for large college classrooms?

Recruiting new students to our University is one thing that’s a real treat for us. We are able to travel to a multitude of great places to educate people about Jackson State University. We’ve travelled to every state in the country, and normally get to build relationships with people not only in High Schools and Junior Colleges, but people outside of those institutions as well.

Take for instance our recent trip down to The Woodlands, just outside of Houston. We went to Woodlands High School just off Research Drive in The Woodlands, TX to give the administration there some more information about our University, and see if we could speak with some of their seniors about coming down to see JSU.

We were met at Houston Intercontinental Airport by a young man named Colan Walker, who owns Limos of the Woodlands. You can see Colan’s website here: www.limosofthewoodlands.com. Colan has a son named Mike who attends Woodlands High and is going into his senior year, and coincidentally is looking at colleges to attend. Mike hasn’t yet made a decision on his choice of college to attend, so we took the opportunity to educate Colan on his son’s choices.

When we speak with students about their options, we want to make it clear that any University that they attend will offer them the opportunity to receive a great education, but that they need to put in the work to get what they want out of it! Most of the time, College Freshmen don’t know what to expect, thus when they get to experience University life, most are not ready for the rigors of what lays before them.

The questions that come out of our recruiting trips are often a variation of the below:

1. How many hours a week am I going to spend studying?

2. What are the rooming options on campus?

3. Can I love off campus my first year?

4. What is dormitory life like?

5. What is the average class size in a typical Freshmen class?

6. How do I go about applying for Financial Aid?

7. Do you have honors programs?

8. What are the internship options in every college?

9. What type of academic tutoring options are available?

10. Do I need a car on campus?

That’s just the beginning of some of the questions, but you can see the variation of what typical students will ask, and what we have to be prepared for to be able to answer.

When you visit a University, or go on a recruiting trip, you should be armed with at least about 30 questions to ask to make sure that you are covering all of your bases. When you are going to spend a lot of money, coming either from the government or your parent’s checkbook, you want to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting into.

We also recommend that you meet with a counselor in the college you plan to major in before deciding on attending any University. You never know if the discipline that you are seeking to study is offered in any college before speaking with someone in that department. Make sure you are familiar and comfortable with the Professors before committing to a major. Most Freshmen will not declare a major until they get past their Freshman year so that they can make a very knowledgeable decision.

When you attend Jackson State University, all of these questions are answered when you attend Freshmen orientation, which is available in the summer before your Freshmen year. Check your schedule, or speak to your Orientation supervisor to make sure you know exactly when your Orientation starts!

We look forward to seeing you around campus in just a couple weeks!

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